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Welcome all members. The 2014 season AGM was held on 2nd March. All committee are to stand again. It was agreed club were to stay the same, boat owner £225, storage £50, crewman £60, Kite sufr £70 and Entry £60.00


Club fees are now due and all locks have been changed. We now have a waiting list for memebers wishing to store boats in compound. As the compound is now full all full members with boats in the compound not wishing to re new there members should remove there boats from the compound by 14th April.


Trev Holland will be running fishing matches through the summer with FREE launching on match days.


1st Match will be on Sunday 20th April 10am - 4pm more dates to follow and all dates will be listed on the club website.


Club fees can be paid by cheque to Skegness Boat Club C/O John Overton 54 Mayfield Grove, Skegness, Linc, PE25 3RY 07905281752.



AGM   News 2014
Meeting will be held  on Sunday 20th March 2011 at 2.30pm
Location Pinetrees  Caravan Park
Croft Bank

All members  are welcome to attend  

11th June 2006

Compound Upate,  work has now stared on the new fencing with 2 sides almost complete  and we will be hoping to operate from the new compound  within the next 2 months.


New  Crawler

we have had to purchase a new crawler this will be used as a rescue craft in case of any of the tractors getting stuck. A list of drivers and phone numbers are on each of the tractors in case of emergency.


PLEASE NOTE only fully paid boat owners or crew members  can drive the tractors.  NON Boat owners are not permitted to use the tractors at any time.

Anybody found  persistently using the tractors that are non boat owners will have there membership removed from the club  



AGM  5th March 2006

1)  Attending members voted to keep the Fee's for joining  the same as last year  Boat owning £90.00  ( new members £60 joining fee)  and non boat owner/ Kitesufer etc £40.00

2) Car Stickers must be shown at all times and will now Include a membership no  to make sure that only paying members are using the facilities.

3) During this coming year we will be trying to finish the new compound funds permitting. With this in mind  we need all our members to pay their subs promptly,  it was voted that the closing date for this would be April 30th and as from the 1st of May anybody  who has not joined by this date a Re-Joining fee will apply ( £60.00) 

4) All locks have now been changed and only paid members will be Issued with new key and car sticker.

5) During the next 2 months the tractors  will not be in the compound due to some very high tides which have already deposited a substantial amount for sand into the compound. If you are thinking of going out please give us 24 hour notice so we can put the tractors in the compound for that day . At weekends they will be in the compound during the day but will be removed during the night .

Please contact John/ Trevor on 01754 762042  or Stewart on 01754 763957


Finally we hope  to see you all very soon and lets hope for some good weather  and  the use of a new compound  with your help


31st August

Skegness Boating Club supports RLNI   at their recent Lifeboat Day In August




15th September

Work Starts  on the new compound !


Stage 1  the committee secured  100 tons of hardcore for the base, which was kindly donated FOC by the new extreme sports center